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Joint visit of SEC and IG Metall in Austria

  • 14.03.2014
  • International

At the invitation of Fritz Hagl, chairman of the Austrian central works council, SEC Chairman Harald Kern and Jürgen Kerner, CFO of the IG MEtall, visited Siemens in Vienna early this month. The two-day visit was an excellent opportunity for discussions and mutual exchange of experience.

Schuh, Kerner, Hagl, Kern and Bauer in the Siemens plant Leberstraße.

In the Siemens plant in Vienna's Leberstraße (I & C Mobility / Rail Systems), Siemens Europe Committee-chairman Kern and Kerner, also a supervisory board member of Siemens AG, got an impression of the high quality of the local production with a tour by plant manager Robert Bauer and the local works council chairman Franz Schuh.

Sustainable concept for employment in Europe

But the main goal of the visit was the central topic of sustaining or creating more jobs at Siemens in Europe. Instead of short-term measures to maximize profits - cost reduction, offshoring to news growth markets, optimization of infrastructure and focus on the core business - Hagl like his German colleagues demands a sustainable concept of structures and development with long-term prospects of development of Siemens' in Europe.

This essential topic was also in the focus of a meeting with Austrian Trade Union Federation President Erich Foglar and members of the Austrian central works councils of Siemens. On the second day Siemens CEO Wolfgang Hesoun had invited Hagl and his guests to discuss the overall situation after which they visited the Siemens City Vienna together. A lunch with undefinedPRO-GE-chairman Rainer Wimmer concluded the visit, that was marked by intensive discussions the and exchange of different experiences.




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