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China: Union cooperation one year after the IFA meeting

  • 30.06.2014
  • International

One year ago, in April 2013, 18 union chairmen from Siemens facilities all over China met with representatives of the Siemens Works Council from Germany and of the German union IG Metall at Shanghai. The meeting was held in accordance with the International Framework Agreement, which has been signed at Siemens in 2012.


Unions at Siemens in the US - success stories

  • 25.04.2014
  • International

There are more than 50.000 employees at Siemens in the US in all sectors. At several locations there is a union representation. While the US legislation makes it hard for the unions to achieve new collective agreements, the union representations at Siemens, which in some cases have a long-time tradition, work very well.


Joint visit of SEC and IG Metall in Austria

  • 14.03.2014
  • International

At the invitation of Fritz Hagl, chairman of the Austrian central works council, SEC Chairman Harald Kern and Jürgen Kerner, CFO of the IG MEtall, visited Siemens in Vienna early this month. The two-day visit was an excellent opportunity for discussions and mutual exchange of experience.


Siemens Italy: workers begin 2014 with strikes and demonstrations

  • 22.01.2014
  • International

For the first time ever, Siemens Italy has terminated a union agreement, whose rules and financial contents applied to at least half of the workers employed by Siemens in Italy. Employee representatives and unions report an increasingly important struggle:


Italy: Open letter to the Siemens Management

  • 22.11.2013
  • International

At the end of November, employee representatives will meet the CEO of Siemens Italy. On this occasion, they draw the attention of the whole management to the current situation.


India: Resolution against precarious work

  • 18.11.2013
  • International

Precarious work is undermining workers’ rights, wages and working conditions. Workers working through contractors and other labour agencies are trapped in triangular relationships. There has been huge increase in employment of contract workers in manufacturing plants and offices of Siemens - Indian unions now have set their sights on the struggle against this development.


India: Siemens Employee Federation will make efforts on organizing Precarious Workers

  • 17.11.2013
  • International

Siemens Employee Federation will set up 3 year project to make efforts on organizing all workers working directly or indirectly for the Siemens in India to ensure them the same equal rights and working conditions as of the permanent workers.


Cluster meeting for China

  • 25.07.2013
  • International

From April 10th to 11th 2013, employee representatives from China and Germany met in Shanghai. Besides internal discussions about employee representation, the agenda included a meeting with Siemens' Human Resources Director Mrs. Brigitte Ederer and representatives of the Chinese management.





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