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First meeting in Munich

European Works Council of Siemens Energy constituted

  • 30.09.2021
  • International

On September 22nd/23rd, 2021, the European Works Council of Siemens Energy had its constitutive meeting in Munich. 22 delegates from 13 countries (Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Romania) took part.

The new EWC of Siemens Energy.

The delegates from UK, France, Croatia and Poland were missing the meeting, because the elections of the EWC delegates have not been completed yet in these countries.

The delegates elected the chair persons and the selected committee of the European Works Council: 

  • Nadine Florian (Germany) as chair person of the EWC
  • Alf van de Wetering (Germany) as first deputy chair person of the EWC and speaker of the region Germany
  • Hans Kreimer (Austria) as second deputy chair person of the EWC and speaker of the region Central-/East-Europe
  • Jens Sörensen (Denmark) as speaker of the region North-/West-Europe
  • Rebeca Ribes (Spain) as speaker of the region South-/West-Europe

The delegates discussed several issues, among these questions concerning temporary workers, mobile work or problems with software applications, but also the details of the consequences of the company´s “Accelerated Impact Program”. The management was represented by  Mr. Tim Holt from the Executive Management Board of Siemens Energy, Mrs. Gina Vargiu-Breuer from HR of Siemens Energy and Mr. Fernández Combarro from Siemens-Gamesa.

(Report: Dirk Linder)