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Wayne Cupp †

  • 07.05.2018
  • International

On Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, we have been informed that our friend and union brother Wayne Cupp from Norwood, Ohio in the US has passed away after a long and difficult period of illness.

Wayne had 41 years of service at the Norwood motor facility of Siemens and has been the president of local 765 of the union IUE-CWA for many years.

He was the first representative of the US unions that took part in the international union meetings at Siemens. This way, he became a pioneer for the US unions at Siemens and started the contacts, which led to the creation of a whole network in the last years. 

As is described in the obituary from his union brothers from Norwood, he played a leading role in the process of modernizing the relationship between his union organization and the Siemens management. This process was supported by the contacts, Wayne had to the Works Council representatives and the union IG Metall in Germany.

Wayne was in this way an outstanding example of the benefit of international union cooperation. 

We will always keep his memory in our hearts and minds.